Get Your Digital Gait Analysis for Custom Foot Orthotics Designed to Help Alleviate Foot, Ankle and Low Back Pain!

There are 26 bones in the foot, and each one is capable of causing foot pain. Millions of Americans each year complain of having pain in their feet or ankles. Your feet are the foundation of your entire body and have a direct impact all the way through the spine. Stabilizing your postural foundation will not only help relieve pain and stress in your feet but can aid the pain felt in the lower back and spine as well.

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Common Types of Foot Pain are:

Heel Pain: If pain is located in your heel, you may have a condition called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the band of tissue (fascia) that reaches from the heel to the toes and supports the muscles and arch of the foot. Proper orthotics can help to alleviate and possibly eliminate this pain.

Ball of Foot Pain: Ill-fitting shoes are often the cause of this type of pain. Strenuous activity, running or jumping or other activities that cause unusual stress can also lead to this pain.

Arch Pain: Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of this type of pain. It effects the heel, arch or both. It is important to see us right away if you are feeling this type of pain for an extended period of time.

Toe Pain: Although not always the case, gout (a form of arthritis) can cause pain in the toes. Avoiding specific types of food as guided by our doctors along with rest and ice can help to alleviate the symptoms of gout.

We Scan Your Feet to Provide Foot Orthotics that are Far Superior to the Store-Bought Brands

At Infinite Wellness, we provide a digital gait analysis that is an innovative, comprehensive biomechanical analysis of a person’s gait cycle. Based on cutting-edge technology, our highly precise and accurate 2D custom foot orthotic technological imaging unit is designed with the ultimate goal of bringing about peak performance and health.

Our Customized 2D Imaging Unit Helps to:

  • Identify asymmetries in the feet with Arch Height Mapping
  • Illustrate how the feet impact the entire Kinetic Chain
  • Generate foot assessments in under 60 seconds