Dr. P is truly a miracle worker, and a really nice fellow. He was the ONLY Chiropractor willing to help me. He put up with all the crazy nonsense an Insurance company(which will remain nameless but its initials are UHC) could throw at him. His office is very easy to find and smells Really nice. Everyone Smiles when they are walking out of Dr. P’s office because he always helps make you feel better. YOU should go here.

– Gracie WT

I can turn my head, my sinus issues are gone and I have Less pain from my RSD!

I have been suffering with chronic pain and sinus issues for so many years. I never thought I would ever be without them. I have gone to pretty much every doctor under the sun but never felt any real relief or got any lasting results. It’s been a very short time with Dr. Val and I can already feel things changing.

I have more range of motion in my neck, my sinuses aren’t congested anymore, and I feel a change happening with my RSD symptoms already. Dr. Val doesn’t only work on my spine, but she is restoring my brain-body connection so I could function the way I’m supposed to. Thank you Dr. Val for being so patient, so kind, and for showing me how to help myself physically and emotionally. I can honestly say …I have hope again! Thank you!

– Kim H.

From suicidal thoughts to a 100% positive attitude life change!!!

Since I’ve been seeing the wonderful Dr. Val my life has dramatically changed. I started my visits with her less than 2 months ago, and it really has been nothing short of life changing. Being in bed for most of the day for years and in constant pain, compared to now where I can get up and I am anxious to get out and get my day started. My negative near suicide attitude has become 100% positive. I can’t say thank you enough to Dr. Val for helping me help myself. I could have never done it without her. My husband thanks her too for giving him his wife back!

– Jane C.

Less Pain ~ More Energy ~ Sleeping Again ~ My Power’s On now and forever!!

I’ve been with Dr. Valerie Schecher for just over 3 weeks, 9 Sessions in, and I feel completely different. I would always have the urge to crack my neck and have an “air bubble” type feeling in my thoracic spine. As a personal trainer and a former collegiate athlete, resistance training has been a part of my life for almost ten years. Since we first started, my mobility is better than ever. I always had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I would feel tired and sluggish during the day. I would try supplements like melatonin and analgesics to help with sleep and pain. Since our initial appointment, my lower back, hip, ankle, shoulder, and wrist pain are basically gone.

My sleeping patterns made a complete turn around, as a result,I have more energy throughout the day. Dr. Schecher has forever changed my perspective of looking at any body compensations from the outside-in, to now the inside-out. I’m beyond thankful for running into Dr. Schecher and trusting her to not only benefit me now, but for my future as well. Dr. Schecher would check up on me after an appointment to see how I’m feeling, simply because she cares about her patients like we are family. You can tell that she has a passion for helping people, which is not easy to find. I look forward to seeing her before every appoint and hear her say, “YOUR POWERS ON!”

– Dom G.