Infinite Wellness Located in Oakdale, NY Dr. Valerie Schecher & Dr. Robert Pisciotta Therapeutic Massage We combine holistic chiropractic care with therapeutic massage therapy to provide our patients with the best results for eliminating pain and healing injury. Spinal Thermography Thermography allows our doctors to detect thermal abnormalities in the spine which can indicate the early onset of disease. Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) B.E.S.T. is a non forceful, energy balancing, hands on procedure that focuses on how your mind and thoughts influence your physical body.

Take advantage of our complimentary VIP patient experience, including an office tour, consult, thermography scan, and report of findings!

Our holistic approach to health and wellness focuses on correcting the cause of disease rather than just merely masking or treating the symptoms.

Read glowing testimonials and reviews written by just a few of the many satisfied patients that we helped to live happy and healthier lives.

Dr. Schecher & Dr. Pisciotta strive to educate our practice members and the community by taking the time to empower them with knowledge.

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At Infinite Wellness we believe that knowledge is power. We strive to educate our practice members and the community by taking the time to empower them with knowledge. Knowledge of how the body works, how to maintain or regain optimal function, and the unlimited benefits of a holistic lifestyle. We utilize advanced computerized technology that detects the hidden cause of any health concern an individual may have and then follow up with the use of over 20 different techniques to address the root cause.

We focus on correcting the cause of disease by addressing the physical, chemical, and emotional stressors to the body rather than just merely masking or treating the symptoms.  

We are committed to sharing our passion and knowledge so that individuals and families are fully equipped to make educated decisions regarding their health.

Better choices lead to better function, full life expression, and ultimately living the life they desire and deserve. 

From above, down, inside, out!  


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At Infinite Wellness we strive to take care of families. We believe that families are the foundation for changing communities and changing the world. We know that together families can achieve more. It is much easier for an individual to achieve optimal health when they have the support of other family members throughout their healing process. In order to heal optimally, it is necessary for the entire family to unite in health. As a result, we see the lives of entire families change for the better. Families under holistic care not only improve the quality of their lives, they also improve their relationships, they are happier, more connected, and create lasting changes for future generations.

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