Many issues that can cause you to have trouble sleeping, and often, having difficulty sleeping is a symptom of an underlying problem such as back pain or discomfort. One of the most common root causes of back pain or having trouble sleeping is sleeping in a poor position. The way you sleep can not only affect your spine but can also impact how restful you feel. If you can, it is recommended to sleep facing up, but with the latest advancements in mattresses and sleep technology, there are ways to accommodate each type of sleeper to alleviate back pain and ultimately, stop having trouble sleeping.

The key to getting a good night’s rest and a healthy spine is making sure that your spine is level, no matter which way you prefer to sleep. Pillows are one of the most critical factors in keeping your spine level. While side sleepers need a firm pillow to keep their neck aligned, people who sleep face down may benefit the most from having no cushion or pillow at all. To help you get more rest, our chiropractor may conduct a physical examination to assess your spine, recommend sleep habit changes, and work to correct any underlying issues so you can sleep better.

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